June 15, 2024

CBD oil is making waves in the cosmetics world if you haven’t heard. It’s swiftly becoming the “it” oil among celebrities and influencers, thanks to its numerous benefits, which include assisting users in achieving a bright, healthy complexion. And it’s not just in crunchy, organic creams and lotions anymore; niche businesses are also using it in their goods.

Popular private label CBD cosmetics like Kiehl’s and Peter Thomas Roth, as well as natural labels like Josie Maran and Herbivore Botanicals, are producing CBD-infused oils, lotions, and serums. One of our favorite hair companies, Briogeo, has even released a CBD treatment that promotes a healthy scalp. Lord Jones, which was founded in 2015, sells CBD-infused beauty goods as well as gourmet gumdrops. But, given the industry’s buzz, we wanted to look into the scientifically proven benefits of CBD in skincare. We’ll break it down for you here.

What role does CBD play in skincare?

Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system, which includes cannabinoid receptors in every layer of our skin that work to keep our cells operating properly. This means we’re already created to receive CBD, which is one of the reasons why these products are so intriguing in the beauty world. Because it is picked up by receptors close to the skin’s surface, topical CBD has an effect on the skin.

 private label CBD cosmetics

What skin benefits does it provide?

Despite the fact that there are very few trials proving CBD’s usefulness, research suggests that CBD has promise as a treatment for inflammatory diseases. He claims that its anti-inflammatory characteristics assist to calm, soothing, and reducing redness, making it useful for a range of skin disorders, including acne. It may not only function as an anti-inflammatory, but it may also aid to reduce excess oil production, which is a contributing factor in acne, according to one laboratory study.

The acid mantle of healthy, robust skin is crucial for keeping bacteria out and hydration in. Dry, dehydrated skin is fragile, easily irritated, and susceptible to microorganisms that aggravate sensitive skin diseases like rosacea and eczema. CBD’s antioxidants are also effective anti-aging compounds. The anti-aging advantages of antioxidants in CBD are more preventative since they lower free-radical damage produced by environmental factors like pollution and sun exposure. Because this damage accumulates over time, the anti-aging benefits of antioxidants in CBD are more preventative.

While there is still much to understand, CBD appears to be promising and is mostly regarded as safe. If you’re pregnant, using other meds, or need CBD too frequently, there are certain things you should know. It could be a clue that you have a more serious underlying illness. However, no serious adverse effects have been reported, and more research will likely confirm this in the future.