June 15, 2024
Melbourne's Top Podiatrists Feet Issues and Solutions

Medical foot care can be advanced based on the needs of the individual and examines the entire health of the feet. Every piece of equipment should be thoroughly sterile and customised for every user. However, medical foot care involves no foot soaking like those found during many spa pedicures; instead, it is a dry technique. 

Your Foot Clinic is a care of the top quality skilled team for foot injuries and medical conditions. The clinic is outstanding for your feet problems by utilising their podiatry technology and training. They are committed to improving their capabilities and making the most of advanced medical information to its full potential.

What services are available for foot issues and remedies?

Your Foot Clinic is a knowledgeable team because they can evaluate the diagnosis of any issues with your feet or lower limbs. No matter what condition your feet the clinic can help you manage and resolve them and provide strategies for preventing recurrence, reducing ongoing pain, and maximizing performance. Here are services and treatments for foot problems.

  • Hard to cut nails

The most likely reason for the toenail problem is a fungus infection. These disorders are common in diabetes and psoriasis, which can cause the development of thick nails.

  • Ingrown toenails

The ingrown toenail will grow into tender flesh, a condition known as an ingrown toenail. As a result, ingrown nails may feel discomfort, swollen, irritated skin, and occasionally infection. It is common for ingrown nails to affect the big toe.

Your Foot Clinic

  • Fungal nails

Common nail infection is nail fungus. Usually begins as a white or yellow-brown patch inside the tip of your fingernail or toenail. The nail may get discolored, thicken, and break at the edge as the fungal infection spreads deeper.

  • Thickened toenails

Your toenails get thicker due to a combination of factors, such as increased age, nail fungus, and nail psoriasis (autoimmune diseases).

  • Callous

The calluses may form on the toes and feet, sometimes on the tops or balls of the toes. Under your toenails, calluses can also create because of friction and pressure.

  • Corns

You may have foot corns if you notice any of the following symptoms on the sides and tips of your toes:

  • A yellowish, lumpy, or bumpy patch of skin
  • skin that is delicate to the touch
  • difficulty wearing shoes
  • Warts

A wart starts as a tiny pinhead-sized bump and develops into a rough, filthy-looking bumped one that can resemble cauliflower. Children and young adults frequently develop periungual warts, especially if they bite their nails.

  • Blisters

You can get a blister in one of two places: under or around the toenail caused by long toenails, stubbing your toe, or the foot moving too far forwards in the shoe.

  • Tinea

A fungus is the cause of tinea unguium. On the nails, many fungal species can develop. The problem can extend from other toenail to another and is more likely to affect the toenails.

  • Dry skin

Excessive exposure to cold, sun, chlorine, and salty or soapy water can cause cuticles to become cracked and dry. A lack of essential minerals makes the skin dry and more prone to flaking and peeling.

  • Cracked heels

Heels may fracture the skin on the heel’s rim, which becomes dry and thick. Obesity, wearing sandals, having cold, dry skin, and wearing open-toed shoes can all increase the chance of developing cracked heels.

  • Smelly sweaty feet

The accumulation of sweat and fungal illnesses like athlete’s foot are causes of stinky feet. Hot weather can influence how much you exercise.

If you have those foot and nail problems, you can book online with the best Podiatrists who can forward plan for your appointment. The Podiatrists assess you for sports-related injuries, pediatric foot care, and foot care advice. The team promises that following a consultation with a kind, skilled team of podiatrists, your feet will be well cared for and feel fantastic.