June 15, 2024
The Top Advantages of Row Machines You Should Know About

There are tons of gym equipment with its own advantages and disadvantages, including a rowing machine. Even though you’re not a competitive rower, you can still reap and maximise its benefits if you know what you’re doing. Furthermore, it has tons of benefits that can help you decide if you should get it for your home gym or not. So if you’re currently looking to buy a rowing machine online, check out Lifespan Fitness. Here, you’ll find rowing machines that will give you a smooth and natural row. Meanwhile, let’s get to know its benefits to help strengthen your resolve about getting one.

Great for Full-Body Workout Sessions

Rowing machines are an exhilarating piece of gym equipment that you can incorporate into your daily exercise routine. Or maybe you could just row for an hour since it provides a full-body workout. Of course, it will depend on the intensity you give out during your sessions, but it will surely make your sweat a bucket after 30minutes to an hour! For instance, rowing with the correct form can work 80% of your body. It combines cardio, endurance, and strength training. Although you’ll want to supplement it with high-resistance strength training to avoid any muscle imbalances.

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It Can Help Improve Your Posture

You’ll get awestruck with their fantastic form whenever you see competitive rowers. Their backs are straight while they row at high speeds. However, they didn’t get their posture just by sitting straight. Of course, it takes years of practice to have the proper form. That’s how they can improve their posture. However, you might be wondering if you need to train for many years to achieve the same form. The answer is no, as long as you practice with a rowing machine. When you use this gym equipment, it can help improve your posture and alleviate any muscle pains at the same time. Of course, you may want to add this to your exercise regime to get the hang of it.

Strengthens Your Heart Health

If you’re a fan of cardiovascular health, then a rowing machine is a piece of great equipment for your home gym. It doesn’t only make your heart strong. But it can also improve how your heart pumps blood. And according to a 2015 study, rowing may also lower LDL cholesterol, which is often found in people with heart diseases. Apart from that, a study that compared cycling and rowing for better cardio health showed that rowing is much better. So, you better get your home gym ready and add a rowing machine to your shopping list!