July 23, 2024
What Are The Causes Of Vaginismus? What Treatment Is Given In the Case Of Vaginismus Singapore?

Vaginismus is a condition that involves tensing the vagina involuntarily. It causes difficulty in the vaginal entry of a tampon or a penis during penetrative sex and pelvic exams. This condition leads to painful intercourse. It can happen to women having sex for the first time and women who have had sex beforehand. There are many symptoms. Even though the exact causes are unknown, patients are given effective modes of treatment for vaginismus singapore.

Vaginismus can be of two different types:

Primary: It is also termed lifelong Vaginismus and occurs whenever a woman tries to insert anything into their vagina or have penetrative sex.

Secondary: This occurs when a woman has had sex without experiencing pain beforehand but currently is experiencing pain.

What are some causes of this condition?

The causes are unknown; however, it might have some of the underneath as contributing factors:

  • Negative views upon the concept of sex.
  • Trauma associated with past sexual experiences, assault, etc.
  • Fear of something penetrating
  • Anxiety issues
  • What are the symptoms of this condition?
  • The inability to have penetrative sex
  • Not being able to insert a tampon
  • Reduction of sexual desire
  • Anxiety while undergoing a pelvic examination and constant anticipation of pain.

Vaginismus Singapore

What are some of the treatments for this condition?


 A physiotherapist will teach the patient exercises to ease the pelvic muscle to facilitate easier penetration. This technique will involve the following methods:

  • Dilation Training
  • Educating the patient about the condition
  • Exercises to facilitate relaxation
  • Desensitization Therapy
  • Exercise to aid in the pelvic floor control
  • Manual therapy

Topical Therapy

When treating Vaginismus Singapore, Topical Lidocaine, and compounded creams can be prescribed by a doctor.

Vaginal Dilator

Vaginal dilators are tube-shaped objects that come in different sizes. They aid in stretching the vagina and help people suffering from this condition to become more comfortable and increasingly desensitized to vaginal insertion and penetration. A numbing cream is necessary to make the insertion easier.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises throughout the day also aid in steady desensitization of the vaginal muscles and getting comfortable with vaginal insertion.

Therapy For Fear and Anxiety:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is for those suffering from fear and anxiety. It analyses the patient’s thoughts, behavior, and fears and helps them work through their trauma.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapists work with couples and individuals to aid in working through their problems and lead the way for a healthy, fulfilling sex life.

Vaginismus might lead to complications and problems in a woman’s private and sex life. It might also cause problems between a couple because of recurring problems in the absence of prior medical attention. Addressing this condition without thinking of it as embarrassing and shameful and hiding it will lead to a healthier, happier, better life.