June 15, 2024

Living a long happy life in the present days is really a hard task than video games. Digital and science development have equal pros and cons in this world. Scientists and researchers are working hard to find a solution for daily health issues faced in this modern era. It is very challenging to take care of the environment and human health issues. Everyone should have proper knowledge about health care and what level of eosinophils indicate cancer.

People should have a deliberate knowledge about different diseases. The universal known quote says prevention is better than cure. It is not to fear people but to create awareness about everything beforehand. It will be helpful for you and the surrounding people.

Digital usage is better and helpful who run for their work. Unknowingly, it starts various diseases with no symptoms. Below are some diseases diagnosed and faced regularly among the public with no big symptoms.

  • Computer vision syndrome is because of the over usage of systems and other electronic gadgets. People have more concentration and eye on the computer light for a long duration.
  • Text neck is an unknown disease name but every person will get affected. It is because of the phone, where the neck is tilted always to see the mobiles. It will affect severely the neck and nerves in the future.
  • Using heavy cosmetics in routine life will cause many skin-related problems and even skin cancers.
  • Apart from the dangerous beauty products, pollution, and other environmental quality declination cause bronchial diseases.
  • Nowadays, hearing loss is common even among kids. The reason behind this is the frequent use of headphones and high sound systems.
  • The change in the sleeping cycle causes blue light insomnia. The night shift works changes the biological cycle inside the body. It badly affects the female menstrual cycle.
  • The cyclist’s bum is also an unknown name to many people. The bikers will face this health problem and their backbone gets affected.
  • The overweight and obesity have become a major issue of cancer disease in the olden days. The major reason is the improper food timings and junk foods.

The above diseases are very common in this digital era. It is impossible to avoid such things completely from daily life. But you can reduce their usage and can have a healthy life. In emergency and unavoidable situations, hospitalization is compulsory. In other cases, you can use the traditional home remedies for the treatment and have natural home foods for a long healthy life.