June 15, 2024

Koreans use and practise a type of massage known as Korean massage. Whatever the origin of the massage technique, as long as it is used and embraced by Koreans, it is referred to as a Korean massage. Korean massage uses a variety of rub techniques, including stroking, kneading, and pressing, to systematically manipulate various body areas. Korean massage is a synthesis of several Asian massage philosophies, tenets, ideologies, and practises. However, Koreans also add a unique flavour to the rub based on their culture and traditional Korean beliefs, which makes it fantastic and gratifying. Korean spa or jjimjilbang are two examples of alternate names for massage therapies used in Korea. The usage of warm water or steam in bathrooms or homes is referred to in Korean as jjimjilbang. Koreans use Japanese shiatsu and Swedish massage to produce powerful healing results. Koreans rub their bodies with a variety of motions, including the elbow, thumb, fingertips, and others. Koreans give the oriental fusion massage their own unique flavour by incorporating services like taking hot baths, using saunas, utilising swimming pools, and combining food services. This is in addition to the eastern acquired massage disciplines. These extra complementary services are taken from Korean roots, culture, and traditional therapeutic ideas and perspectives, and they enhance the comfort and enjoyment of the Korean massage as a whole. One of such is 마사지코리아.

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Tips to bear in mind when getting a massage:

  1. In South Korea, an hour of a basic massage typically costs between 30,000 and 80,000 Won, and an hour of an oil massage might cost anywhere from 60,000 to 110,000 Won.
  2. Cash discounts are occasionally offered, and clients can get up to 10% off a massage session, with a higher discount percentage if they are fortunate enough to book early.
  3. The majority of Korean spas give 24-hour services, so you are welcome to take a nap or spend the night there as long as you don’t make it a habit or consider it your new home.
  4. The ability to speak English is a luxury that shouldn’t be demanded. This is due to the fact that the majority of the masseuses are from Spain or Thailand and may not speak English or the local Korean language. However, communication applications like Google Translate and Papago can be used to overcome language barriers.